Both the Deadites of Ash vs. Evil Dead and walkers of The Walking Dead occupy disparate corners of the undead spectrum, but since when have you known Ash, or Bruce Campbell to play nice? Ol’ Groovy Bruce took a potshot at The Walking Dead, and Rick Grimes may be out of a job.

Ash vs. Evil Dead star Campbell “leaked” a tongue-ripped-from-cheek script page, in which Ash handily puts down that pesky walker problem Rick Grimes woke up into all those years ago. After all, a six-shooter might hold its own against Ash’s boomstick and chainsaw hand for a few minutes, but could Rick really take on the likes of the Necronomicon? Come on.



If anything, it serves The Walking Dead right for throwing shade at Game of Thrones, specifically comparing one controversial survival to another torturous fan-fervor. In the meantime, Ash vs. Evil Dead keeps on summoning episodes each Saturday night on Starz (and will continue as such through 2016), while The Walking Dead cools its heels until a February return.

You can check out the latest spots for either below, but who wins between The Walking Dead vs. Ash vs. Evil Dead?


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