Every week, I sit down to answer your questions in ComicsAlliance's "Ask Chris" column, and since Laura Hudson, Caleb Goellner and I were all in Charlotte this past weekend for HeroesCon, we decided to do it live and in person! It was a blast, but if you weren't at the convention and missed out on seeing it, don't fret: thanks to my pal Dr. K, we recorded the entire hour-long panel and have it for your viewing enjoyment!

So join us as we talk about everything the audience could muster, from Don Glover's bid to star as Spider-Man to overused plot points to Speed Racer to -- of course -- "Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose"!

One word of warning, though: Some of the videos (specifically part 2) may be considered slightly unsafe for work, as Chris Haley asks a personal question and gets a trio of answers I don't think anyone actually wanted.

Part 1: Donald Glover as Spider-Man, Fantastic Four vs. Four Horsemen

Part 2: The Greatest Christmas Comic Ever, Caleb's Hair, Erotic Comic Book Experiences

Part 3: The Best Apocalyptic Comic, Who We'd Bring to Murderworld, Comic Book Science

Part 4: More Comic Book Science, Most Hated Continuity Mistakes, Wolverine vs. Cancer

Part 4.5: Signalman vs. The Spook, Iron Man's Santa Claus Armor, Caleb's Amazing Batman vs. Speed Racer Pitch

Part 5: Things We Want to Delete From Comics (Rape)

Part 6: Alfred's War, Chris Talks About "Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose" for 7.5 Minutes

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