ComicsAlliance kicked off its Emerald City Comicon visit with a few secret weapons this past Friday at the Washington State Convention Center. Helping Editor-In-Chief Laura Hudson and Senior Editor Caleb Goellner make the official Ask ComicsAlliance panel epic were special guests MC Adam WarRock and Let's Be Friends Again creators Curt Franklin and Chris Haley.

CA took full advantage of the talents at hand, kicking the panel off with Adam WarRock's performance of a medley of his The West Coast Avengers Mixtape, followed by commissioning live art from the LBFA crew formed from (extremely crude) suggestions from the audience. It wasn't easy to follow those acts, but somehow the panel stayed on track enough to answer reader questions between revealing their favorite hobbies (karaoke) and greatest fears (teleporting to death).

You WILL want to watch this after the jump.

Catch all the ECCC action below [NSFW audio]:

The infamous crowdsourced comic by the LBFA crew:

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