Bootlegged Asian Batman incarnations didn't pull any punches fighting off giant robo-monsters and pirates, and neither did Superman or Astro Boy in explaining proper subway protocols to Japanese passengers in Tokyo. You might very well find yourself paying more attention to warning signs at your local mass transit station if you had the kinds of heroes and manga celebrities showing you the ropes that Tokyo did during the late '70s and early '80s.

Kal-El, Astro Boy, Doraemon and Uesugi Teppei of the manga series "Ore wa Teppei" all helped out on the posters collected in a post on Pink Tentacle. Their advice includes tips on how not to leave your umbrella in a car, spit your ABC gum out onto the platforms or get your purse stuck between closing doors.Apparently even Superman has problems walking when he steps in gum. Luckily, he always shows his ticket to attendants as he flies past them at the gates - though none of this changes the fact that he's still a jerk for stuffing himself into an already overcrowded train system when he could fly to where he's going and get there much faster.