It looks like the "other story" set to expand the Attack on Titan manga universe is set to debut in Shounen Sirius magazine in Japan on August 26. As revealed in the recently released second AoT anime Blu-ray, the upcoming Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga serves as a prequel to creator Hajime Isayama's main series and will be written by Satoshi Shiki, with the interior artist currently unannounced. Interestingly, Before the Fall is itself an adaptation of a series of light novels by writer Suzukaze Ryo, with illustrations by Thores Shibamoto, who is also credited as the character designer for the adpated manga.

Provided there are no major deviations from the light novels, the plot of the manga will shed light on the development of the series' Spider-Man-ish 3D maneuver gear and show how humans discovered the giant human-eating Titans weaknesses (like how you've got to slash the base of their necks with edged weapons to kill them). There's also the matter of Kyklop's (yes, he's lost the use of an eye), a character who was rather depressingly found by humans as a baby among a pile of Titan puke. Much like main AoT protagonist, he's motivated to battle the creatures, although he must contend with battling using some of the earliest 3D maneuver gear used in the AoT world. Kyklops is a pioneer!

No word on when or if Kodansha USA might bring this story to North American readers yet, but they have a solid track record of keeping up with fan demand.


[Via Crunchyroll/Yaron/Fujo2]