Following the conclusion of the publisher's Infinity event, next month Marvel will release Avengers #24.NOW, from creators Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic. Meant in part to be a jumping on point for readers, the issue will also serve as the introduction to the publisher's All-New Marvel NOW launch -- Avengers #24.NOW is concurrently being billed as Avengers #1 under this new initiative.

But as part of it's push to promote the new, Marvel is also celebrating its past. Several variant covers to Avengers #24.NOW are being produced, and some are homages to famous past covers, including some of the more memorable cover art from the 50 year history of the X-Men. To that end, Marvel has enlisted artists Mike Deodato, Daniel Acuña, Lee Garbett,  and more to create images in homage to the cover work of Jack Kirby and John Byrne, and you can check out some examples below.


Avengers #24.NOW Variant Cover by Daniel Acuña

Uncanny X-Men #137 by John Byrne and Terry Austin

Avengers #24.NOW Variant Cover by Lee Garbett

Uncanny X-Men #142 Cover by John Byrne and Terry Austin

Avengers #24.NOW Variant by Mike Deodato

The X-Men #1 Cover by Jack Kirby

Avengers #24.NOW arrives in stores in December.