Ever since Marvel debuted its roughly minute-long teaser for Avengers: Age of Ultron at SDCC 2013, fans have been riding the usual waves of trying to scope out grainy smart phone-recorded bootlegs that hang out on YouTube for all of 8 minutes before being deleted. But no more! JoBlo has uploaded a proper HD version of the teaser, which sees a CG render of Tony Stark's Iron Man helmet morph into Ultron's satisfyingly comics-accurate Jack-o'-lantern noggin.

Marvel's made it clear that even though an Ant-Man movie is in the works under Egard Wright as part of its "Phase Three" films, Age of Ultron will differ from comic book continuity, where original Ant-Man Hank Pym created the evil robot.

While a lot of fans logically think Tony Stark's AI Butler JARVIS (voiced by actor Paul Bettany) may be corrupted by a virus or otherwise gain sentience and have all kinds of daddy issues, the casting of James Spader as Ultron has some wondering if perhaps something else is afoot. Then again, it's pretty common for evil dudes to change voices when they turn to the dark side, especially when machinery is involved.

Longtime comic book fans have also pointed to the Sentient Armor saga that took place starting in Iron Man Volume III #26 by Joe Quesada and Sean Chen in 2000 for possible plot hints. But... that story saw Stark's armor come alive thanks to... um... Ultron's daughter and Y2K?

Whatever shakes out, I'm personally just happy that a nonsense Photoshop prediction I made in 2010 finally seems to be coming to fruition. Hopefully another one does in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, too.