From sneaking Captain America's shield into "Iron Man," to plopping an icy super soldier in "The Incredible Hulk," (along with another huge spoiler from "Iron Man 2") Marvel's Avengers movieverse practically encourages fans to seek and exploit Easter Eggs online. We hit on the phenomenon last week with a fabricated Ultron helmet Photoshopped from Hasbro's toy Iron Man helmet, and couldn't resist continuing our speculation when a closeup of Justin Hammer's IM2 drones hit the Web.

Marvel's official images give fans a close look at the robotic warriors, which sport bulky bodies and tiny light-up heads. Who else matches that description? Nazi scientist supervillain Arnim Zola, perhaps?

Until last night, I thought an appearance by Zola in Chris Evans' "Captain America" film would be a stretch. After all, Hugo Weaving's already been cast as the Red Skull and two villains seems like a "Batman Forever" move. Now that Toby Jones has officially landed the role of Zola, however, it's easy to imagine what he could end up looking like. [I had actually created this post in complete jest with Christopher Woltz's face earlier this week - maybe my lies are too potent!]

A little recoloring here, a little face stretching there, and there you have it: possible movie Arnim Zola body.

See the full, completely fabricated, comparison after the jump.

What do you think? Is a movie Zola a terrible idea? Or just crazy enough to work?

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