Good news for fans of robots who can cry: After a long absence, The Vision is returning to comics in the pages of Avengers AI, a new comic set to drop this July from the creative team of Sam Humphries and Andre Araujo.

Spinning out of the current Age of Ultron event, Avengers AI will follow a team of robot heroes that includes Runaways' Victor Mancha (the "son" of Ultron) and a renegade Doombot, two words that pretty much always get me interested in a comic. Check out the full cover and see what Humphries has to say about the new series below!

When I asked about what the core idea of the series was, Humphries mentioned the idea of the futuristic, sci-fi technology that results from androids and artificial intelligences running around, and how that's bound to present a Terminator-esque problem eventually:

"This book is about futureshock crash landing into the Avengers. Superintelligences, simulated reality, and the total extinction of the human race at the cold, mechanical hands of our own invention is going to become a pressing threat for the Marvel Universe."

As for the possibility that this fantastic technology could rise up and destroy humanity, I can only say this:

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