Marvel's The Visionby Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez Walta and Jordie Bellaire, has been one of the biggest highlights in superhero comics this year, and this week's The Vision #11 is one of the most emotionally affecting and heart-wrenching issues in the serie. It features not one, but two character deaths that may bum you out all week long. Spoilers follow. 

Over the course of the first six issues, King, Walta and Bellaire worked to build an intricate and delicate house of cards, and over the course of the final half of the series they're doing all they can to topple it.

It's been known since the early days of the book that The Vision would go rogue and take on The Avengers, and this prompted the team to send Victor Mancha, formerly of The Runaways --- Vision's brother, of sorts --- to spy on the android family.

Unfortunately, Victor's presence led to the events The Avengers tried to prevent, as Vin Vision accidentally caught Victor spying. In an effort not to be found out, Victor Mancha killed the young synthezoid. With The Vision out for revenge, his wife Virginia finds herself overburdened with the knowledge, thoughts and emotions foisted on her, as well as the memories of the Scarlet Witch that float in and out of her head.

In a rage, she brutally murders the family's pet dog, Sparky.




It's a devastating scene played against The Vision's fight with The Avengers, but in Virginia's eyes it's a necessary measure. Her memories of the Scarlet Witch's life give her a certain understanding of the Wundagorian Everbloom that resides in their house, which allows someone to see into the future if they eat a petal after committing a murder.

As The Vision prepares to take Victor Mancha's life, Virginia arrives and, without even paying any actual attention to Victor himself, she rips his heart out.




Victor's final line is especially poignant to Runaways fans, as the character was originally created by Ultron to be a great superhero named Victorious, who would join The Avengers as an unwilling sleeper agent before being activated and killing the entire team. In his death, he finds peace knowing that future will not come true.

However, Virginia just killed an Avenger, and with one issue left of the series, there's likely to be major consequences for the character in the finale.


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