ComicsAlliance readers and staff alike were thrilled to learn last month that Daniel Acuña would be the new regular artist of The Avengers, the popular Marvel Comics superhero series written by Brian Michael Bendis. A truly gifted artist with an instantly recognizable style that's at once modern and classic, Acuña has created beautiful work for both Marvel and DC on titles like The Eternals and Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, but a major ongoing hit has thus far eluded him. That seems certain to change with Avengers, which Acuña began drawing with this month's issue #18 (on sale now in comics shops everywhere).

Because we're all such fans of Daniel Acuña, Marvel was kind enough to send us some of the artist's behind-the-scenes work to show you. Check out this very cool and exclusive material after the cut. Don't worry, no spoilers -- just great art.