If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our years on the Internet, it’s that there’s no aspect of comics that can’t be broken down and quantified in a single definitive list, preferably in amounts of five or ten. And since there’s no more definitive authority than ComicsAlliance, we’re taking it upon ourselves to compile Top Five lists of everything you could ever want to know about comics.

We all know that when Captain America throws his mighty shield, all those who chose to oppose his shield must yield, but did you also know that Cap can’t throw that shield without running into someone that wants to have an adventure with the Sentinel of Liberty. Since World War II, the Star Spangled Avenger has been socking bad guys, slinging his shield, and teaming up with or bossing around awestruck fellow heroes. So this week, we’re looking at five of Cap’s most memorable team-ups that don’t involve the people he hangs around all the time in the Avengers or his famous partnerships with characters like Bucky, Sharon Carter, and the Falcon.

Everybody Loves Show Notes!

  • You can check out the story I specifically mention in #5 here and here.
  • The two issues that make up the main story I mention in #4 can be read here and here.
  • You can check out the entirety of the story in #3 in this affordably priced trade!
  • Check your local comic shop for a cheap copy of the comic that inspired #2 or here.
  • And finally, you can probably find a cheap copy of the comic from #1 at your local comic shop, or pay more than is really necessary here.


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