Storyboarding is a kind of mysterious discipline to people not in the entertainment business, or at least those not obsessed with it. Essentially, storyboard artists create lots and lots of simple yet very comic book-like drawings that demonstrate for filmmakers how a movie or animation or anything like that may play out when it's photographed or otherwise fully rendered. Artist Jane Wu is one of these talented people whose imaginations dictate what's seen on screen. You've seen her work most recently in the form of the The Avengers, the Joss Whedon film based on the Marvel superheroes created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, for which Wu came up with some exceptionally cool shots. Courtesy of Gallery Nucleus, we can see how closely Wu's storyboards matched the film's climactic battle scene, including an especially memorable moment involving Thor and the Hulk, as well as a great sequence with the Black Widow.

For those of you in the Los Angeles area, Wu will be hosting a two-day workshop on the art of storyboarding that culminates with an assignment, presentation and critique of student work. You can learn more and buy tickets at Gallery Nucleus. For more of Jane Wu, check out her website.

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