Fans may be saying farewell to Hasbro's 3.75" Marvel Universe action figure line, but pretty much in name only. This spring the line is reborn Infinite style, with an Avengers subline debuting Marvel Universe compatible versions of The Wasp, "Marvel Now" Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, The Grim Reaper and Hyperion.

Of the bunch, the three figures that will probably most excite longtime fans are the modern Wasp, The Grim Reaper and the armored "Marvel Now" style Hulk (yeah, yeah, we know the armor is for Banner). The Wasp is especially notable as the character had previously only been given miniature "shrunken" figures as accessories for other characters. The first time as a Secret Wars Doctor Doom pack-in around 2010 and the second time in the 2011 "Classic Avengers" box set.

Hyperion should be a welcome sight for Squadron Supreme fans, although his figure is more or less a scaled-down version of the character's 6" Marvel Legends sculpt. A more classic take on Captain America and the "Bleeding Edge" armor Iron Man that's been around for a few years are also solid options for those building an Avengers collection, but not quite as fresh as some of the other characters in this wave.

All six figures are set to arrive around March for the usual $10-12 a pop. Wasp will be the most limited figure in the line, though, and probably hit the secondary market quickly at inflated prices.