Hasbro had a lot to show Marvel fans this past weekend at Comic-Con, including new figures from almost all of its Universe, Legends and various movie lines in 3.75" and 6" scales.

As revealed at the show, collectors can look forward to a Marvel Legends (modern/vampire) Jubilee build-a-figure, a few Thunderbolts favorites not included in Hasbro's SDCC exclusive box set such as Songbird, plus characters like Eddie Brock Venom, Batroc the Leaper, Boomerang, Tiger Shark, Radioactive Man and Blizzard.

Thor: The Dark World fans got a look at new figures for Thor, Loki, some Dark Elves and Kurse, which is perhaps the clearest look at the movie version of the character yet. Modern comic book style Captain America and Baron Zemo toys, on the other hand, were previewed as part of the upcoming Cap/Winter Soldier waves. The Iron Man display had more of a comic/movie mix and treated fans to new Rescue, Mandarin and Igor armor toys. Not to be left out of the debuts, the Spider-Man display featured an upcoming 6" Ultimate Beetle figure.

Many of the figures -- like those from the Thor: The Dark World line -- are set for a late summer/fall release. Others won't arrive at retail until 2014. Clearer info should manifest in full by the time New York Comic Con rolls around in October, though.

You can check out all of the floor photos, plus official press images from Hasbro, below.

From the floor


Official images from Hasbro

Iron Man 3


Captain America


 Thor: The Dark World