Initially uttered by Nick Fury at the end of the Iron Man movie, the Avengers Initiative has transcended its status as the uniting force behind Marvel's movieverse and become the title of an all-new mobile game featuring gesture-based combat like Infinity Blade and Batman: Arkham City Lockdown. Beginning September 6, fans can download the $6.99 app on iOS and Android devices and start smashing through the first of many upcoming character-driven chapters (that's right, you'll eventually be able to play as many different heroes). Chapter one of the game sees Nick Fury sick the Hulk on villains such as Wendigo, Abomination, numerous Skrulls and more in response to a massive outbreak at the supervillain prison known as The Vault. The outbreak coincides with a cosmic event known as The Pulse, linking Avengers Initiative's storyline and optionally even game data to the Marvel: Avengers Alliance Facebook game via Marvel XP. You can take a gander at screen shots from the game demonstrating its leveling/currency/gear system, plus a trailer showcasing gameplay footage, after the cut.

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