On the off chance that you thought there was anywhere you could go to escape the presence of The Avengers now that they were the stars of a series of films that have taken in roughly 48 trillion dollars, don't fret: They are everywhere. Or, to be slightly more accurate, they're now in Japan, thanks to a series of comics designed to introduce Japanese children to Marvel's team of superheroes.

Created by Fujiminosuke Yorozuya as part of an effort to promote Marvel and Toie's new Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers anime, Marvel Avengers ran as a twelve-page one-shot in Monthly Korokoro Comic for kids, introducing Captain America, the Wasp, Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and Spider-Man to younger readers in a lighthearted comedy.



One of the biggest gags in the story comes from the idea that the Avengers introduce themselves to kids, only to find out that the youth of Japan has no idea who they are. That's not too surprising, given that "saving the world" in the Marvel Universe tends to mean "saving Manhattan and occasionally a small part of Queens," but really, now. You'd think they'd at least remember Spider-Man, alias Takuya Yamashiro, from that time he defeated a truck.



Since the story was done as a 12-page one-shot, it's doubtful that it'll see an American reprint, which is a real shame, because I desperately want to read this, if only to see whether Captain America acquires a talking motorcycle.



[Via Kotaku]