Despite a pink Skrull board game piece reveal at Toy Fair, fans have been repeatedly told that the shapeshifting menace won't figure in to Joss Whedon's The Avengers movie. It's hard to know what to think, though, because none of the movie trailers or commercials thus far have shown much more than the team grimacing at space ships, crazy guns, purple lasers and sorta blue-ish, naked-looking humanoid bodies falling through the air. Leave it to Lego to add another piece to the puzzle of Loki's mystery army as new The Avengers movie set images pop up on Toys"R"Us depicting Earth's Mightiest Heroes in battle with yellow guys with gold and silver armor. It may not bring us all much closer to finding out what this army is called, but it at least seems to help further dispel the idea that they're Skrulls or Frost Giants (at least, as we know them). Take a look at The Avengers Lego set images after the cut to see what you think.

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