In our recurring feature, ComicsAlliance brings you the best comic book adventures that do not, could not, and sometimes should not exist: Great Comics That Never Happened! This week, Chris Sims and the amazing artist Kerry Callen bring you a tale of Yuletide disappointment as only Mighty Marvel could deliver!

Check out the full cover for this holiday adventure after the cut!

The Avengers: Earth's Merriest Heroes Special #1

Story by Chris Sims

Art by Kerry Callen

Face Front, True Believer! 'Tis the night before Christmas, and with no wars -- Secret, Civil, Chaos or otherwise -- on the horizon, the Earth's Mightiest Heroes have retired to Avengers Mansion for a quiet Christmas celebration! But as the gifts are unwrapped, so too is the peace that falls upon avengers mansion! These grim holidays have brought the worst presents imaginable!

Bullets for Hawkeye! A 3D movie for the one-eyed Nick fury! Thor presented with an argument against his very existence! And worst of all -- Sockstikas for Captain America! Could it be that the Avengers are just that terrible at buying presents for each other? Or could there be a more sinister reason for these awful presents? Someone -- something -- has infiltrated the Earth's Mightiest Holiday Celebration, and unless the Avengers can figure out who, they'll be turned against each other in the worst Christmas ever!

Dare you miss the grandest gift-exchange of all? Who Is -- The Secret Santa?! It may be YOU!

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