On sale in April AVX: Versus #1, beginning Marvel Comics' tie-in series to the Avengers Vs. X-Men event. The only newly created sister title for the main event series, AVX is distinct from the that book in that its function is to depict the various bouts in more graphic detail than the Avengers Vs. X-Men narrative allows. Described by editor Tom Brevoort as "literally the fight book," AVX begins with battles between Magneto and Iron Man, as drawn by Adam Kubert, and Namor and The Thing, as drawn by Stuart Immonen. As you can see in the preview pages below, both of these accomplished storytellers have embraced the bombastic nature of the event and created some fight comics that are really quite lovely.

Also featuring the work of Jason Aaron and Kathryn Immonen, AVX: Versus #1 goes on sale April 25 from comics shops everywhere and digitally from comiXology.

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