It's never a good sign when a headless corpse turns up in an alley, but when it turns out that the head is still there and just invisible? That's when things start to get a little strange. That's how the story kicks off in Bad Medicine, the new series from Oni Press and the creative team of Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, Christopher Mitten and Bill Crabtree. A few weeks back, I wrote about how DeFillippis and Weir had a track record of quietly writing some of the most enjoyable comics on the stands, and with Mitten (of Wasteland fame), they're creating something that's weird, compelling, and creepy.

Bad Medicine #1 was available on Free Comic Book Day, but if you missed it, ComicsAlliance has the full 22-page story, available for you to check out right now! Read the full first issue after the cut!

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