It's been awhile since we checked in on Chris Yates' artful line of handcrafted puzzles and it seems we discovered a new wave his Baffler comic creator collaborations not a minute too soon. Actually, in a sense, we're several hundred minutes too late! You see, the eBay auctions just wrapped for Yates' latest Bafflers featuring designs by KC Green, Scott C., Becky & Frank, Evan Dahm, David Willis, Angela Melick, Chris Hastings, Sam Logan, Jon Rosenberg, Kate Beaton, Anthony Clark, Rebecca Clements, Danielle Corsetto and Andrew Bell. Baffler fans who weren't among the lucky few able to snag the latest releases needn't despair, though, Yates always has original pieces available at his site and at conventions and regularly releases new and interesting collaborations. You can take a closer look at the recently auctioned batch of Bafflers after the break.

"Snake In A Shoe"

Designed By KC Green of Gunshow

"Melting Question Hound"

Designed By KC Green of Gunshow

"Daddy Is Now A Bunny Forever"

Designed By Jon Rosenberg of Scenes From A Multiverse


Designed By Scott C of many truly amazing things

"Surf Dude"

Designed By Scott C of many truly amazing things

"This Is My Serious Face"

Designed By Kate Beaton of Hark! A Vagrant

"That's Not A Toy"

Designed By Becky & Frank of Tiny Kitten Teeth

"Pterodactyl Punch"

Designed By Chris Hastings of Dr. McNinja

"The Pizza Party"

Designed By Anthony Clark of Nedroid Picture Diary

"Corgi With A Conscience"

Designed By Sam Logan of Sam And Fuzzy

"The Old Arches"

Designed By Evan Dahm of Vattu

"Irresistible Force Paradox"

Designed By David Willis of Dumbing Of Age

"A Year In Japan"

Designed By Rebecca Clements of Kinokofry


Designed By Andrew Bell of The Creatures In My Head

"Slingshot Girls"

Designed By Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots

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