If you're on the internet, there's no doubt you've seen KC Green's instantly memetic cartoon strip where a dog in a bowler hat sips coffee as his kitchen burns down around him. As the flames lap at his feet, he utters only three words; "This is fine." The two panels from a longer strip have been shared likely millions of times at this point, often without attribution to Green or his webcomic Gunshow, but as of late there's been a renewed push for recognition.

Green has launched a Kickstarter for a plush doll of the "This is fine" dog, which comes complete with a hat, coffee mug, and that trademark blank stare that we all know and love (and feel, deep in our souls). KC Green has also debuted a sequel to the original strip, addressing the current state of global affairs.


This Is Fine


The two panel "This is fine" meme originated in Green's webcomic Gunshow under the title "On Fire," and the longer version of the strip shows the flames continuing to rise as the dog melts into them --- without changing the expression on his face. KnowYourMeme traces the two panel iteration back to a Reddit post in 2014, but it's likely it was in use on sites such as Tumblr even earlier.

KC Green is now working with Soft Stuff Creations to create a plush doll of the "This is fine" dog, which is available for order now on Kickstarter. The doll stands at 13" tall, and higher reward tiers come with a play pack of the burning kitchen scene, stickers, magnets and more. The Kickstarter is already funded, so these are things that are definitely going to exist in the world.

In addition to the Kickstarter, KC Green debuted a sequel strip on The Nib, titled, "This Is Not Fine." While we won't spoil what happens, the events of the strip may be easy enough to figure out, given the title and current world events.


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