If you were going to pick two titans of webcomics to team up and create something amazing, you could do a heck of a lot worse than to try pairing Gunshow's KC Green with Nedroid's Anthony Clark. Scientists have long theorized that if those two ever teamed up, they'd probably end up making something truly incredible.

Well, scientists, theorize no more. Today, Green announced that he and Clark are in fact teaming up to launch a webcomic called Back that begins on June 18, with Green writing, Clark drawing, and character designs by both creators.

As revealed on Tumblr, Back will be "a western fantasy story about the end of the world," and will update with two new pages every Wednesday.

Clark, of course, is no stranger to collaborations on webcomics as the colorist of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja (and on Shiftylook's late, lamented Galaga), but to my knowledge, this is the first time he's taken on art duties of someone else's comic on a regular basis. That's a pretty big deal, especially considering the massive fanbase he's built through Nedroid, the story of a bird named Reginald and a Beartato named Beartato, as well as the art he posts to Twitter and Tumblr, most of which revolves around Cool Dogs.

For his part, Green, whose Gunshow produced the amazing Anime Club storylines that have recently been collected, has also been expanding his portfolio recently as the writer of Boom! Studios' Regular Show. Seeing him collaborate with Clark on an extended project has made Back easily one of my most anticipated comics of the year -- which is no mean feat since I just heard that it existed this morning.


Anthony Clark and KC Green by KC Green


Back debuts with "a bunch of pages" on June 18 at BackComic.com.


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