Y'all are familiar with the concept of Bundles, right? If you're not, it's pretty simple: A bunch of stuff -- video games, comics, ebooks, that sort of thing -- is put together and and sold as a pay-what-you-want bundle, with additional content available if you meet a certain minimum. It's a pretty great way to check out new stuff along with items you've been curious about without spending a lot of money, while simultaneously supporting independent creators. For the next six days, Storybundle.com has a set of pretty amazing webcomics-related content that you can snag for whatever you want to pay.

Put together by The Devastator, the quarterly comedy magazine, the bundle includes content from Gunshow creator KC Green, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal's Zach Weiner, Tales to Suffice's Kenny Kiel, and more.


The Devastator #5


In addition to the fifth issue of The Devastator itself -- something that we're pretty big fans of here at CA -- the bundle also includes Weiner's Trial of the Clone, a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style book loosely parodying the world of Star Wars that Weiner Kickstarted, as well as the full-color edition of The Anime Club, a long-running story from KC Green's Gunshow about four teens who love anime and hate literally everything else.

The full bundle, which you can get for a minimum of twelve bucks, also includes the recent sequel to Trial of the Clone, Wrath of the Pacifist, as well as another issue of The Devastator and more. All told, that's a pretty fantastic deal for fans of online comedy and webcomics, and it's well worth snagging.

The Devastator Storybundle will be available until June 18.

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