I think it's safe to say that all of us here at ComicsAlliance are pretty excited about Boom Studios' Regular Show comic, slated to launch next month with the creative team of K.C. Green and Allison Strejlau. The only problem is that, well, we don't really want to wait until April to actually get our hands on it.

Fortunately, there's an answer: Regular Show fans heading to Anaheim this weekend's WonderCon can pick up an exclusive preview book, featuring Green, Strejlau and a bonus short story by Brian Butler and Maarta Laiho.Here's the official word from Boom:

Regular Show fans are in for a special treat at this year's WonderCon in Anaheim, CA. BOOM! Studios announces a surprise REGULAR SHOW Preview Book available exclusively for WonderCon attendees almost a full month before the first issue is scheduled to be in stores. The Preview Book will feature a preview of the first issue by K.C. Green and Allison Strejlau along with a four-page short story written and illustrated by Brian Butler and colored by Maarta Laiho. Rounding out the Preview issue will be a look at the covers from Regular Show! The 24-page limited edition preview will be available at the BOOM! booth for $5.

Five bucks might seem a little steep for a preview issue at a glance, but getting at least one complete story and a nice gallery of the book's awesome variant covers a month in advance is a pretty neat bonus for fans. Plus, if anything helps reduce the chance that you'll be spending that fiver on thought-controlled moving cat-ears, then we're all for it.

WonderCon kicks off at the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend, March 29 to 31.

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