With the exception of a few episodes, Regular Show adventures usually wrap within a single installment. From the looks of July's Regular Show #4, however, writer K.C. Green and artist Allison Strejlau are set to take readers on a four-issue adventure -- nay -- quest! That's like 4 episodes of the Cartoon Network series in one! Featuring covers by Phil Jacobson, JL Hirten, Joe Eisma and Ashley Davis, the issue's description makes it clear that fans are in for a longer-form tale starring Mordecai, Rigby and their friends and foes from the park. Boom! Studios has provided us with a first look at each cover, which you can get up in your eyeballs after the jump.From Boom! Studios' official solicitation info:

DON'T MISS THE FINAL ISSUE OF THIS CRAZY GOLF-CART RIDE OF AN ARC! Mordecai and Rigby's quest finally comes to a close! And you wont want to miss how it all goes down! Written by acclaimed cartoonist KC Green (GUNSHOW) and with incentive covers pretty enough to hang in your rec room!

You can check out all four Regular Show #4 covers below.

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Phil Jacobson

JL Hirten

Joe Eisma

Ashley Davis

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