With the Bandai D-Arts Mega Man now available in the US, Tamashii Nations has rolled out images of the first proper Robot Master the Blue Bomber will have to contend with on collector shelves. Perhaps surprisingly, it's not the usual Proto Man. Instead, it's Dr. Wily's aggressive MM imitation Bass and his robo wolf Treble. Like the D-Arts version of the Blue Bomber, Bass will come packed with a number of interchangeable arm parts, effect parts, faces and hands. Fans can expect to shell out around the same amount of cash to get their hands on Mega Man's battle-loving rival when it drops in July, too, with most preorder sites listing the figure for about $45. Unfortunately, if you were looking forward to combining Bass and Treble into Super Bass, you'll have to settle for Nicki Minaj for the time being. Hit the jump for a better look at Bass and Treble from Toy Fair 2013, plus product images pairing them with Mega Man and Rush.

From Toy Fair 2013

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