An unknown artist who's called "the Banksy of Bulgaria" has created an impressive bit of street art using well known American icons including comic book characters. Identified as "Moving with the Times," the piece replaces the Soviet troops with American icons like Superman, Robin, the Joker, Ronald McDonald and Captain America.Built in 1954 in the capital city of Sofia, the statue depicts Russian Red Army soldiers "liberating" Bulgaria, commemorating the coup d'état that installed Communism in Bulgaria and began a long and ultimately painful relationship with the Soviet Union. The Daily Mail reports that while monuments of this kind were once sacrosanct, but have been prime targets for graffiti artists since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990.

What's your take on this, dear readers? Are these classic American icons the new heroes of Eastern Europe? Is this Banksy of Bulgaria suggesting that one imperialist ally has been replaced with another, but in friendlier clothing? And what of the Russian soldiers who died alongside Bulgarians in the nation's fight against Nazi Germany? Discuss amongst yourselves -- but show your work.

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