I have never been to Toronto, but I imagine that like most cities, the main complaint among people who live there is that Batman does not make his home in their fair city. Fortunately for Torontonians -- and unfortunately for the growing community of Canadian arch-villains -- one man has taken it upon himself to change that.

In a series of installations Toronto street artist Posterchild -- the guy behind the slightly infamous Mario Blocks -- has been documenting "Evidence of Batman," from batarangs lodged in telephone poles to distinctive footprints left by wall-climbing. Check out a few of our favorite shots of his work after the jump!One of the neat things about what Posterchild's doing with this series -- at least to detail-oriented Batmanologists -- is that the Batarangs he's leaving in public spaces are actually drawn from different sources over the character's 70-year history, ranging from the sharp-edged style thrown around by Christian Bale in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight...

... to this version...

...which was last seen being employed in the fight against crime by Adam West in Batman '66:

He's even planted the shuriken-style Batarang often seen in Batman: The Animated Series -- most notably at the climax of "The Man Who Killed Batman" episode:

There's also a Silver-Age style version:

And the more modern style frequently seen in the '80s and '90s:

Plus, the distinctive footprints of Batman's boots (because for a guy who operates in secrecy and relies on being thought of by many as an urban legend, Batman sure is into branding) leading up to rooftops around the city:

The only logical conclusion? Obviously there's something that went down on Canadian rooftops that could only be stopped by a Canadian Cross-Time Council Caped Crusaders. I'm not sure what could've happened up there that would lead to a gathering like that, but I think we can all be glad that anything requiring five Batmen to stop didn't level the entire province. Instead, citizens of North Gotham Toronto just wound up with a more interesting walk to work.

For more from Posterchild, check out his website!

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