Promos: Despite being infinitely (okay, I'll say it) toyetic, it looks like the Green Lantern movie's only fast food kids meal promo comes from Subway. It's, like, reusable bags with paper punch-outs and rubber bands. I guess the whole thing is kind of "green," which is nice in its way. [Subway]

Legal: Former artist of Sonic the Hedgehog comics at Archie, Kenneth Penders, is suing Sega for alleged copyright violations regarding work he did for the franchise's licensed comic being adapted into Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. [Milord&Associates]

Industry: Former Vice President of Operations and Manufacturing at the original Valiant, Fred Pierce, is the new Publisher of Valiant Entertainment. [ICv2]

Gaming: Joystiq got its hands on Power A's Batman: Arkham City batarang controller during E3 and showed off some features. Looks like fun if you need a second (or third, or fourth...) controller. [Joystiq]

Ornaments: Hallmark will have a host of exclusive ornaments on hand for Comic-Con including IG-88 and Dengar, Batman and The Simpsons' famed Comic Book Guy. [PR Newswire]

Tech: Mimbot's got a Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn flash drive coming exclusively to SDCC. It's limited to 800 pieces, so prepare for a frenzy at Mimoco's booth #4938, Mistah Jay. [Tomopop]

Art: Dan Hipp continues to inspire with a Thor/Mario Kart mashup for the ages. "I Love Rainbow (Bridge) Road," indeed. [Mr. Hipp]

Statues: Sideshow Collectibles will offer a set of all three Iron Man 2 helmets (Iron Man Mark V, Iron Man Mark VI and War Machine) at SDCC. [Sideshow]

Gaming: If you've been waiting to take Gazillion's free Super Hero Squad Online MMO for a spin, the addition of Deadpool as a free playable character may entice you. Don't worry, he doesn't kill anybody. [SHSO]

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