As a person who enjoys goods, services and paper, printed moolah is a definite favorite of mine. Of course, that's not to say hard American currency can't benefit from a little re-touching, especially the comic book-friendly kind.

As pointed out to me by CA contributor Brendan McGuirk, Geekologie's Gallery of "Geek-ily Defaced Bills" appeals to that particular reptilian part of any fan's brain that would rather see something hilarious than process a cash transaction hassle-free.

From Superman to the Red Ranger, there are some mighty fine works of desecration, but my favorite is this $20 bill monument to Batman:

Not only is seeing Andrew Jackson decked out in cape and cowl amusing, but I'm a big fan of the idea that Batman would carry his own "Batmoney" in his utility belt.

Purists might have a hard time getting over deliberately graffitied legal tender, but is it so different from shelling out cash for a painter's canvas or Bristol board?