xkcd creator Randall Munroe has created elaborate charts and infographics for his webcomic before to break down everything from gravity wells to and radiation, and now he has applied the format to a very timely and political topic: money. Block by block, the comic breaks down who has it and how they spend it, from average citizens to billionaires to entire countries.

It started as a project to understand taxes and government spending, and turned into a rather extensive research project. With upwards of 200 sources and 150,000 tiny boxes, it's best appreciated in poster form. The 36"x24" high-quality poster print allows you to stand back and, all at once, take in the entire world economy.

You can preorder the comic in poster format -- or as four larger, more detailed 36"x24" posters that create a six-foot mural -- in the xkcd store store today, whenever you're done poring over the rather dense (and important) information that Munroe that has rendered in clear, colorful infographics

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