Congratulations, XKCD: Your new strip, "Click and Drag," is not only impressively large -- A map of the world should be nothing less, of course -- but it's also filled with far more video game references than I can wrap my head around. Most overwhelming webcomic of the year? Quite possibly.

The scale of "Click and Drag" is such that someone has already created a scrollable map for the final panel that remains so large that the text is unreadable without zooming in. Exploring the world created by Randall Munroe -- both beautiful and sad, he promises in the opening panels -- is easily something you could lose yourself in, even before you get to the numerous video game references included throughout, from Pokemon to The Oregon Trail - not to mention Jay-Z jokes:

The result is something wonderfully immersive and oddly disorienting... as well as somewhat addictive. Click through to explore a whole new world, and see what I mean. You'll find yourself spending more time there than you expect.

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