Fans seem to love Barbara Gordon no matter her role is in the DC Universe, but most are especially fond of her earliest adventures as the brightest member of the Dark Knight family. This love has recently resulted in the character returning to costumed crimefighting as Batgirl in DC's New 52 and bonding with her buds in DC Nation's Super Best Friends Forever shorts on Cartoon Network. Artist Adam Watson has brought another interpretation of the character to life online with concept art for his proposed "The Batgirl Mysteries," explaining that he's smitten with the idea of a cartoon featuring Batgirl as a modern Gotham-based Nancy Drew. "I think it'd be nice to see what kind of rad adventures a brainy, kinda nosy, science-minded detective girl could have," wrote Watson on his Tumblr. One look at his awesome art, and we're guessing most Batgirl fans will agree. You can take a look at Watson's awesome take on Batgirl after the jump.

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