I'll never forget the day I opened up Chip Kidd's "Bat-manga: The Secret History of Batman in Japan." Know why? Because the first thing I saw was a Scare Glow-lookalike called Lord Death Man. It was bliss. A blend of Jiro Kuwata's Batman manga plus shots of toys and other artifacts from the 1966 Batman TV show craze in Japan seemed too good to be true. And now? Now fans might be able to rekindle that lovin' feeling in a second volume.

ICV2 reports that Kidd's been given the greenlight to pursue a second volume, although it won't see release for awhile. In an interview Kidd described the initial outing as a labor of love and says he's found a lot of more "really cool, cool stuff," for when the time comes to bring volume two to life.

Back when the book dropped, there was some controversy regarding the placement of Kuwata's credits. A lot of fans wondered why the artist's name wasn't listed on the cover of the (although he is credited in other portions of the book) given that the majority of the publication was made up of his manga. I saw Kidd give a presentation last year in Kansas City and he explained the situation during a Q&A, but I wonder if he'll sidestep the drama on a potential second volume with credit on the cover? Either way, I'm stoked for a second helping.

[Via Comic Vine]

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