Between all the recent hype surrounding the upcoming Iron Man 3, and the long awaited The Dark Knight Rises hitting theaters this Friday, Iron Man and Batman are on top of the superhero and Hollywood world. The only thing left to conquer? Hip Hop. But to take that throne, you have to take out the two men at the top of the rap game right now: Jay-Z and Kanye West. Fortunately, artist Marco D'Alfonso already thought of that, and has given us this piece showing the two heroes paying homage to Hova and Kanye's video for their hit track Otis, from the album Watch the Throne. The piece perfectly illustrates the kind of swag that comes with being wealthy, famous, and having expensive toys that you occasionally use to beat people up. D'Alfonso has the Golden Avenger as Jay-Z and the Caped Crusader as Kanye. That's perfectly fine with me, because Batman and Jay-Z somehow being one and the same would mean that this team-up could never happen, and I simply don't want to live in a world where that's the case.

The heroes' next collaboration, "Rich White Guys in Paris," is due in stores later this fall.

For more work by D'Alfonso, check out his deviant art page and his website.

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