Given the news that the "Batman: Arkham Aslyum" sequel will be Mark Hamill's final hurrah providing the voice of the Joker, it's somewhat difficult to get excited about the critically acclaimed video game franchise, no matter how awesome it is. Thankfully, we've got some pictures of the upcoming "Arkham Asylum" action figures to improve that cloudy disposition.

DC's The Source blog has the rundown on the second wave of "Arkham Asylum" toys from DC Direct, this time featuring an armored Batman, the knife-wielding Dr. Zsasz, the ferocious Bane and the seductive Poison Ivy. Although the figures look terrific, I've got to admit that the photographs leave a little something to be desired-it's not often that I want Batman to move out of the way, but this time, he's obscuring the shots of the figures just a little bit too much, don't you think?

The only other downside is that these toys won't be available until February 2011, just one month after the first wave. That's a long time to have to wait for so much "Arkham Asylum" action figurey goodness, but something tells me the wait's going to be worth it.