Fans have been stoked for more info about Rocksteady Studios' sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum since... well, pretty much the moment they finished the first game. Following the release of the Batman: Arkham City trailer and last week's prelude comic series from DC, the anticipation is now starting to drive would-be players... dare I say, batty? (I dare). Feeding fankind's need for new details this week, IGN UK brought in Rocksteady marketing game manager Dax Ginn for a three-minute video revealing awesome facts galore. Most of the 17 factoids are more or less general gameplay information, but a few might be considered spoilery depending on how surprised you'd like to be when Arkham City drops on October 18. Be advised that a few such details may get mentioned after the jump.Here's a quick breakdown of what players can expect from Ginn's list of 17 awesome facts (some are combined here for ease of reading):

- The creative team worked to give Batman gliding abilities throughout Gotham.

- Batman will be able to perform inverted takedowns from gargoyles across the city.

- Thugs will be aggressive and have their own night vision goggles.

- Thugs will be prepared for even stealth attacks.

- Batman has redesigned the operation of his gadgets for new challenges.

- Batman's line launcher will have double line-launching functionality with infinite lines and 360 degree turning abilities.

- Batman's new gear will include smoke pellets, which can help cover quick escapes.

- Batman's explosive gel will return with new abilities within combat.

- Batman's character model has double the number of animations from the previous game.

- The Riddler is physically in Arkham City and players will have a chance to smack him in the face.

As an unabashed fan of the first Arkham Asylum title, these new details have me pretty stoked (especially knowing I'll be able to smack Riddler in the face for taunting me through so many challenges in the last game).

See the full video below for the full skinny:

[Via IGN]

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