Warner Bros. and Rocksteady Studios promise a host of Batman: Arkham City reveals at Comic-Con this week, but according to Joystiq, one set of details has already made it to the web thanks to online listings at Best Buy and GameStop. The contents of the $99.99 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 collector's editions of the game due out October 18 will apparently include a premium Kotobukiya statue, an illustrated Arkham City art book, early access to exclusive add-on content and animated content from Gotham Knight.From Best Buy's official product listing:

-Collector's Edition includes a premium statue, an art book, Gotham Knight animated content, early access to digital add-on content and more

-Premium statue is produced by Kotobukiya to bring the excitement of the game into the real world

-Flip through the pages of a brilliantly illustrated art book to soak up all the Arkham City content available

-Get a jump on the competition when you receive exclusive access to add-on content before anyone else

-Gotham Knight animated content brings the story to life

The statue, art book and early access to DLC seem like worthy entries to the collector's edition of Arkham City, but the claim that the Gotham Knight content "brings the story to life" is pretty dubious considering the animated anthology was released in 2008 and has nothing to do with the Arkham Asylum/Arkham City continuity. If you dig the other extras enough, though, $99.99 might be worth paying for the rest of the content.

[Via Joystiq]