While specific details regarding GameStop's exclusive pre-order bonus, "Joker's Carnival Challenge Map," for Batman: Arkham City are still few and far between, a new image teasing the feature cropped up this afternoon on the official BAC Facebook page. Since the bonus was announced back in March fans have been left to wonder just how the gameplay might work. Will it mimic the challenges laid out by Riddler in the original Batman: Arkham Asylum, placing hidden content in the existing game map? Or will it provide players with a separate environment stocked with challenges? The new image may suggest the latter.A quick scan of the image reveals deco consistent with previous screen captures from Joker's Fun House and Sionis Industries. There's skeletal toy soldiers, carnival lights and Mars-level amounts of rust. It's a bit hard to imagine that Batman piloting a bumper car (that didn't even happen in Lego Batman), but any environment designated "Joker's Ride" could force Bats to deal with some pretty obnoxious challenges. Whaddya say, Rocksteady Studios? Howzabout some bumper car action? Okay, we'll settle for just beating bad guys up.

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