New images of what could be Nightwing from Batman: Arkham City have popped up at the Portuguese language site, adding digital fuel to the rumor fire that Dick Grayson could be the game's fourth playable character. Nightwing-specific trophies similar to that of the playable Tim Drake Robin's popped up at PS3Trophies yesterday. Like Robin, Nightwing is suspected of being a DLC offering relegated to smashing faces in challenge room maps rather than directly participating in the Arkham City narrative like the playable Batman and Catwoman.

If these images are at all the real deal, it would seem that designers stuck pretty close to Nightwing's modern (pre-"New 52") comic book costume, even if the shade of blue skews a little closer to purple here. As mentioned yesterday, however, if Nightwing is indeed a playable character, he'll probably sport at least two other skins (Batman: TAS and his disco look?).

Check out the possible Nightwing images from Batman: Arkham City below to see if you think they're for real:

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