There's been no official confirmation, but if the "Nightwing Revenge" and "Campaign Nightwing" trophies that have popped up on PS3Trophies are any indication, Nightwing could very well be heading to Batman: Arkham City. Rocksteady Studios teased that a fourth playable character would join Batman, Catwoman and a Tim Drake version of Robin last month, and with just two weeks left until the game arrives in stores, adding Nightwing seems like a pretty plausible way to round out the group.If the Nightwing trophies are legit, their similarity to Robin's could indicate that Nightwing will only be available for challenge map combat as part of a DLC package. GameRant speculates the possible Nightwing character model may more closely resemble the in-game Catwoman than Batman given the character's acrobatic style.

As far as costumes go, it should be interesting to see what kind of Arkham City modifications Rocksteady has made to Dick Grayson's outfit. Fan opinion has been a bit split regarding the hooded tough guy MMA-ification of Tim Drake, but considering how closely Batman and Catwoman's designs mirror their comic book counterparts, Nightwing's potential design may seem pretty familiar. If not, there'll likely be a host of alternate skins available for players who dig his more traditional designs.

[Via Joystiq and GameRant]

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