When word broke that Tim Drake was designed with a potential cage fighting background in mind in Batman: Arkham City, fans were a little flustered. Tim's traditionally been more about brains than brawn, after all. It's too soon to know exactly how this personality modification will play out as part of Best Buy's (and GameStop's, in other parts of the world) exclusive Robin DLC, but judging from two new bits of gameplay footage, players aiming to pull scumbags through broken windows and whack criminals with a metal staff might very well appreciate this version of the character's fighting skills.In addition to his trademark staff, Robin will come with other character-specific gadgets (you can see his version of "Detective Mode" in the video) and fighting moves (like leaping into the air and smashing a guy's face with a long metal pipe).

The Robin DLC will come with two exclusive challenge maps -- the Black Mask Hideout and the Freight Train Escape -- and it's looking like players will probably be able to use Robin in the rest of the game's maps, to boot.

See Robin in action in Batman: Arkham City below:

[Via SHH]