Batman: Arkham Origins is set for a release later this month, leaving us all wondering just what we're going to be doing when we can't sit around on the couch playing it on our favorite console. Sure, there's a handheld game, but what about situations like work, funerals or Frenching where using a Nintendo 3DS or PSP is frowned upon?

Fortunately, Netherrealm studios has risen to the challenge with the Arkham Origins mobile game for iOS devices, where you can pretend to be texting while tapping to make Batman punch the ever-living heck out of Deadshot, Copperhead and other assassins. Check out the release trailer and more info below!



If you've played the previous Arkham games, you already have a pretty good idea of what you can expect, but this time around the controls have been streamlined a little. Basic combos are done with taps, dodging can be done with two fingers (or pretty easily with both thumbs if you're playing on an iPhone), and the combos lead into a secondary control, like swiping in a single direction, to finish out the combo.

Batman himself has two "stances," geared towards offense and defense, and the game features RPG-style leveling up and unlocks to keep you playing.

One very interesting element being introduced here, though, is the cross-platform unlockable. Linking up Arkham Origins on the console with the version on the phone will allow you to unlock additional content in each game based on your progress in the other. It's pretty interesting addition to a game that's already a pretty fun brawler.

Arkham Origins for iOS will be launched with the release of the console game, with an Android version to follow in December.

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