So hey, have you heard about these Arkham games starring Batman? It seems they are pretty popular, friends -- so popular, in fact, that in addition to there being four of them in the video game series, we are now getting a full-length animated movie based on the Arkham Games in which Kevin Conroy reprises his role as Batman. It's called Batman: Assault on Arkham and will see Batman take on the Joker and his plot to detonate a dirty bomb in Gotham City.

Unlike the games, though, Batman won't be a solo act in this mission, as he's joined by Task Force X, better known to comic book fans as the Suicide Squad.

One of the interesting things about the trailer is that while this is clearly set in and inspired by the world of the Arkham games, the aesthetics are more in line with DC's other animated projects. In addition to Amanda Waller more closely resembling her comic book counterpart than the "sexy" versions that have been seen more recently in mass media, Harley Quinn, has also been edged a little closer to her original design. Presumably this is just simplifying things for animation, as the Arkham series tends to involve a lot of seams and complicated costumes that look great with next-gen graphics, but tend to be a pain to animate for a cartoon. Either way, the overall streamlining seen in this trailer gives it an pretty cool look.

On the other hand, Deadshot has a soul patch.

There is currently no release date information for Assault On Arkham, but I think it's pretty safe to assume that it'll be timed for when the Arkham Knight video game drops this October.


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