Brutal justice goes bob-bob-bobbing along in the new "Don't Call Me Robin" t-shirt from Woot, merging the classic Batman and Robin duo into one ultimate avian crimefighter. Personally, I'm surprised they didn't try to make him a Dark Nightingale. The promotional text is pretty entertaining, with claims that the shirt stars "Bird Ward" and the suggestion that you wear it "into battle against the cowardly, superstitious lot of squirrels that keep raiding your feeders."

Bat-Robin has also studied science, criminology, psychology and engineering at elite levels, and has become the world's greatest detective who is also a bird. There's a pretty steep drop-off in quality to the world's second-greatest detective who is also a bird, it's true. Second place is a magpie that's unusually skilled at finding shiny things. But first place, Bat-Robin, is still pretty good.

If you like it, the $10 sale price is today only.