Flashes die. A lot, actually. As Geoff Johns is demonstrating in the pages of "The Flash: Rebirth," DC Comics' speedster legacy is kind of cursed by the very source of its powers - the Speed Force.

Of course, it doesn't take a seemingly mystical force to kill a Flash. The cold, airless vacuum of space will do the job just fine too it seems.

As this Tumblr image so aptly demonstrates, space helmets are only good if they're properly sealed. The tiniest cracks - even seemingly insignificant gaps in a connect-the-dots exercise within a coloring book can spell an icy demise for even the fastest man alive.

I'm not sure where this haunting coloring book image originated (although I suspect in one inspired by the "Justice League" animated series from a few years back), but the mods conducted by the colorist are lessons for any artist designing activities for children. Kids aren't stupid. Insult their intelligence and they will tear you apart.

To the creator of this page's extreme credit, however, they did reinforce one fact known to all comic book fans: Batman CAN breathe in space (and apparently likes the ladies).

Check out a full image after the jump...

Yeah, that's the stufff.

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