This week on War Rocket Ajax, we're getting topical with special guest Chris Burnham, artist of the sold-out-everywhere-but-digital Batman Incorporated #8! We talk to him about fan reactions to the issue and what he plans to do when Batman Inc. wraps up, and you can listen to the whole show right here at ComicsAlliance!War Rocket Ajax #149: Murder, He Prayed with Chris Burnham

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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In this week's show, Chris is back from traveling all the way to New York City to watch Mrs. Doubtfire with friends, while Matt is banged up from a fall down the stairs. You can't leave those two alone for five minutes, I swear. Plus, the War Rocket Ajax Love Haters return for another round of letting you know how we feel about your favorite celebrities.

When Burnham joins us, he tells us all about fan reaction to Batman Inc. #8, and what he's contributed to the art. We talk a little about whether he and Grant Morrison wanted readers to see it coming:

BURNHAM: It's pretty intentional. We were going for an "irreversible fate" sort of angle. I was kind of surprised by everyone being so pissed off about the spoilers, like, the cover alone, if you didn't pick it up from that -- you included -- what the f**k is wrong with you?

SIMS: I just did not get that it was an homage to the Alex Ross cover of Batman R.I.P --

BURNHAM: To your favorite comic ever.

SIMS: -- until the second time I saw it! The first time I saw it was three seconds!

WILSON: And to be totally fair, Batman does not die in Batman R.I.P.

BURNHAM: Doesn't he?

SIMS: Here, I'm going to nail you on this: I don't think Damian's dead.

BURNHAM: I think you're wrong.

Learn a few details that you might not expect in this week's episode!

Show Notes:

Follow Burnham on Twitter! And check out the art on his rarely updated website!

Here's the transcript of Batman Inc. #8 being mentioned on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! Turns out it was comedian Alonzo Bodden who got the question. His name is... pretty funny. No Mo Rocca or Tom Bodett, though.

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Young Avengers #2: "This is such a gorgeous book." "Kieron Gillen figured out the perfect way to create a problem that only Loki could solve."

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