DC Comics' blitz of new Batman titles continues in January with "Batman: Europa," a four-issue miniseries written by Brian Azzarello with a rotating artist roster including Jock, Diego Latorre, Giuseppe Camuncoli, and a first issue drawn by DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee. The story finds Batman infected with a deadly disease and teamed up with the Joker in what sounds like a deliciously "Crank"-y race for the cure.From The Source:

In the pages of BATMAN: EUROPA, the impossible has happened - the Batman is on the brink of defeat, at the hands of a virus with no cure. Surely there's someone that can help him? Well, there is - the Joker. Who infected Batman with the virus? What does the Joker have to do to save him? And how can it all happen before the Dark Knight collapses? Together, the unlikely teammates and arch-foes travel through Europe cobbling together clues while the clock ticks down.

Lee has been DC's definitive Batman artist for many years now, with some of his work including "Batman: Hush" and "All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder." The artist previously worked with Azzarello on "Superman: For Tomorrow." Azzarellow's last major Batman work was "Batman: Broken City" with Eduardo Risso.

More details on "Batman: Europa" will likely be revealed at this weekend's New York Comic con.

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